Management and customers support

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In need of a cloud system to register and control your clients documents?

Our solution and its modules bring this tool, at an affordable subscription price.

Perfect for offices, companies that have a relationship with their customers on an ongoing basis or simply for customer control.

Some recommendations: law firms, accounting, academies, offices, liberal professionals, among others.

Ready and set low cost solution with fast availability

Ready-made modules for customer management solutions and systems, for micro and small companies, at a low cost and accessible for your business.

We customize color, logo and filling fields according to the needs of your request.

No need to wait months for a custom system. In a few days we provide access to your personalized system.

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Advantages in hiring our Fast Low Cost Solutions

Excellent cost-benefit for micro and small companies, acquiring a customized platform, at prices up to 80% below the market, with fast availability.

Panels by profile

Panel modules with exclusive logins: administrative panel, collaborator panel and client panel.

File Repository

Manage documents and files within the system, and make it available to your customers in a general or targeted way.

Data Management

Download from the database and make it an Excel file.

PDF File generation

Generation of dynamic PDFs, filling in the customer or company's registration data.

Android App

For those who need the system directly in an app. Available in official store.

Multiplatform Responsiveness

Our system works on several platforms, from your computer or mobile phone.

Acquisition or lease

Purchase the complete system for your company, or just rent its use.

No minimum stay

No penalties. Cancel the monthly subscription at any given time.

How to proceed with the contract


First Step

Access the link below,
where you will be directed
to our online form.


Second Step

Fill in the forms along with the desired characteristics for your system.


Third Step

Within 24 hours we will send you access by email to the free 7-day trial.


Fourth Step

After positive response,
payment and customizations
are carried out.

7 days Free trial

No commitment or upfront payments. Test the complete system for 7 days and then decide on your subscription purchase.

Basic Plan

  • Access via user and password
  • Adaptable to Computers and mobile
  • Customer Database
  • Customer Database Import
  • Document repository by customer
  • Generate PDF files

Full Plan

  • Basic + Standart plan included
  • Dashboard for customers
  • Documents exchange between customers
  • Newsletters sending tool to all customers
  • Live chat between business and customers
  • Customers support area

Would like to acquire our systems?
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