The Privacy Policy establishes how the collection, use and download of information from users or other people who access or use our website is done. When using our services, browsing our website, we make it clear that we will collect and use your personal information in the ways described in this Privacy Policy. This is how we present our privacy policy so that our users and customers can easily understand the conditions for using our website and how we collect and use your information in our activities. At any time and at any time, the privacy policy may change, we recommend reading this policy periodically.

Who should make use of our website?

Our site should only be used by people over ten years of age, therefore, children and adolescents should not use it. We do not aim to attract children to our website, we respect all national and international laws and regulations regarding the protection of children's privacy, so we do not request this data.

What information is collected on this site and other data?

We collect and use certain personal data belonging to those who use our website. In doing so, we act as the controller of that data and are subject to the provisions of the law. The collection of personal data information is carried out in the quote request forms, work with us, allocation of professionals and contact via instant messages. The collected information is necessary for sending information, budget, development, service provision contract to one of our providers by ExpressoNaWeb. We also collect, through Cookies, anonymous information such as IP address, browser used, within other access information. (Check our Cookies policy). The user will be able to update the information whenever he wants and with total autonomy, by sending an email to [email protected] , with the subject PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA.

What is the purpose of the collected data?

The information collected will have the purpose for:

  • Returning contacts, sending information about ExpressoNaWeb or budgeting for our services;

  • Consultation of the register in our database (Customer History);

  • Necessary data for the elaboration of contracts;

  • Timely sending of newsletters, with content related to ExpressoNaWeb's business area;
  • Responsibilities

    ExpressoNaWeb is responsible for this website and undertakes to guarantee the privacy of personal data collected and/or transmitted online. The security and privacy of its users' data. We respect your privacy and protect the personal information given to us, privacy and security are priorities and we are committed to transparency in the processing of personal data of our users and customers. As our user/customer you are responsible for:

  • For all your actions and omissions carried out on our website;

  • For the content you have uploaded and/or sent on the website;

  • For the transformation of damages caused to ExpressoNaWeb, third parties or other users/customers, from their access and use of our website.
  • How our website should not be used

    Be aware of the following practices that go against our conditions of use:

  • Practice any illicit act, violate the rights of ExpressoNaWeb or third parties and violate current legislation;

  • Uploading, sending or transmitting any slanderous, defamatory, physical or moral violence content, apologizing to crime, drug use, as well as that promotes or incites hatred, illegal activities, prejudice or any other form of discrimination for any reason ;

  • Use any automated system/application to perform queries, accesses or any other mass operation, for any purpose, without authorization from ExpressoNaWeb;

  • Practice acts that harm the ExpressoNaWeb website, including trojans, viruses, malware, worm, bot, backdoor, spyware, rootkit, or any other means for this purpose.
  • What security features does the ExpressoNaWeb website have and what guarantees users the protection of their personal data?

    We use SSL certificates on our website, therefore, the operations of providing personal data are properly protected. All information is encrypted and managed with security tools through the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer), a method used to protect and encrypt confidential information, such as sensitive data sent over the internet. We take all the necessary and legally required precautions to guarantee the protection of the information collected from its users through our website and which guarantee the online and offline security of that information. We adopt strategies and tools are applied taking into account the nature of the personal data collected, the context and purpose of the treatment and the risks that possible violations may create, for the rights and freedoms of the holder of the data collected and processed. Among the measures we adopt, the following stand out:

  • SSL encryption throughout our website, including the forms where personal data is provided;

  • Firewall integrated into the site, to prevent intrusions;

  • Secure, non-shared and prepared servers;

  • Only authorized people from ExpressoNaWeb have access to your personal data;

  • Access to your personal data is only done after the commitment of confidentiality;

  • Storage in a safe and suitable environment.

  • ExpressoNaWeb is committed to adopting the best practices to avoid security incidents. However, it is important to point out that no virtual page is entirely safe and risk-free. It is possible that, even with all security efforts, problems that are solely the fault of third parties may occur, such as cybernetic attacks by hackers, or also as a result of negligence or imprudence by the user/customer. In case we have a security incident that could generate risk or significant damage to you or any of our users/customers, we will communicate to those affected and also to the National Data Protection Authority about the incident, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

    Data Sharing/External Web Services

    ExpressoNaWeb will not sell, rent, share or offer data provided by its users. In order to preserve your privacy, ExpressoNaWeb will not share your personal data with unauthorized third parties. Your data, however, may be shared with our business partners, if necessary, for the provision of contracted services and our contracts are guided by data protection regulations. In addition to the above, data may be shared when:

  • Legal determination or court order, with the competent judicial, administrative or governmental authorities;

  • Corporate change, such as merger, acquisition or incorporation, automatically;

  • Defend the rights of ExpressoNaWeb in any type of conflict, including legal ones.

  • We may use some external services to show content within our pages, for example, to show images or videos, forms, or to carry out questionnaires. The same in the case of social networking features, we cannot prevent these sites, or external domains, from collecting information about the use made of these incorporated contents. Below are the third-party websites for information on cookies and privacy policies:

  • Google;
  • Facebook;
  • Linkedin;
  • International Data Transfer

    Some of the third parties with whom we share your data may be located or have facilities located in foreign countries. Under these conditions, in any case, your personal data will be subject to the General Data Protection Law and other Brazilian data protection legislation. In this sense, ExpressoNaWeb undertakes to always adopt efficient standards of security and data protection, in the best efforts to guarantee and comply with legislative requirements. By agreeing to our privacy policy, you agree to this sharing, in the manner and purpose described in this term.

    Communication through emails

    We may also use tracking technologies to find out whether certain email messages sent by us have been read, clicked on or forwarded. This makes our communications more targeted, objective and efficient.


    It is with your consent that we process your personal data. The feeling would be your “I agree” and is the free, informed and unequivocal manifestation by which you authorize ExpressoNaWeb to process your personal data. Thus, in accordance with the law, your data will only be collected, processed and stored with prior and express consent. Your consent will be granted specifically for each purpose described above, evidencing ExpressoNaWeb's commitment to transparency and good faith towards its users/customers, following the relevant legislative regulations. By using ExpressoNaWeb services and providing your personal data, you are aware of and consenting to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, in addition to knowing your rights and how to exercise them. At any time and at no cost, you may withdraw your consent. It is important to highlight that the revocation of consent for the processing of data may imply the impossibility of the proper performance of some functionalities of the site that depend on the operation. Such consequences will be informed in advance.

    How can the user correct or delete the information that he previously provided on the ExpressoNaWeb website?

    Under the conditions of use of the ExpressoNaWeb website and all its services, the user undertakes to provide and keep all his personal data up to date and true. ExpressoNaWeb guarantees the user the possibility to correct and update their data via email to be sent to [email protected] . To delete their data, the user must contact ExpressoNaWeb by email to the digital address mentioned above.

    How long are consented personal data stored for?

    Your personal data collected by ExpressoNaWeb will be used and stored for the time necessary to provide the service, maintain a record to locate the service provided or for the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy to be achieved, considering the rights of data subjects and controllers unless at the request of the data owner, it is the right of removal / oblivion. In general, your data will be kept as long as the contractual relationship between you and ExpressoNaWeb lasts. At the end of the period of storage of personal data, these will be deleted from our databases or anonymized, except for the cases legally provided for by law.

    Change of privacy policy

    This document may be modified at any time. If the alteration is substantial, we will include a message so that it can be immediately viewed, through a notice on the website's entry page (Pop-up or text).


    As mentioned earlier, no virtual page or online system is entirely risk-free. In this sense, ExpressoNaWeb is not responsible for:

  • Consequences arising from negligence of any nature, imprudence or malpractice of users in relation to their individual data. We guarantee and are only responsible for the security of the data processing processes and the fulfillment of the purposes described in this instrument. We emphasize that the user is responsible for the confidentiality of access data.

  • Malicious actions by third parties, such as hacker attacks, unless proven culpable or deliberate conduct by ExpressoNaWeb. We emphasize that in case of security incidents that may generate risk or relevant damage for our users/customers, we will inform the affected and the authorities about what happened and we will take the necessary measures.

  • Inaccuracy of the information entered by the user/customer in the records necessary for the use of ExpressoNaWeb services; any consequences arising from false information or entered in bad faith are the sole responsibility of the user/client.
  • General Provisions

    We assume no responsibility for legal or technical problems caused by the failure by the USER to comply with the indicated recommendations. This communication is intended for knowledge and use by users and therefore must not be used for any other purpose. We are not responsible for the content and veracity of third party privacy policies, included in our cookies policy.

    Cookies Policy

    ExpressoNaWeb makes use of Cookies, by accessing our website and consenting to the use of cookies, you express knowledge and acceptance of the use of a navigation data collection system such as the use of cookies on your device.

    What is a cookie?

    It is a small text file recorded by the website on your computer and in which information related to the navigation of the website is stored, where these cookies have improved the experience of use and navigation. This file is imported to your computer or device, collecting information about your browsing on said web pages. Cookies are sometimes necessary to facilitate navigation and allow you to store and retrieve information about a user's browsing habits or their equipment, among others, and, depending on the information they contain and the way you use your equipment, they may be used to recognize the user.

    Identification of cookies used

    The cookies used on this website can be classified as follows: - Own cookies: These are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment, from an equipment or domain managed by ExpressoNaWeb, and from which the service requested by the user is provided. user;

  • Third-party cookies: Are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment, from an equipment or domain that is not managed by ExpressoNaWeb, but by another entity that processes the data collected through cookies;

  • Session cookies: Collect and store data when the user accesses a web page;

  • Persistent cookies: Store data in the user's terminal so that they can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the person responsible for this cookie – time span: from a few minutes to several years;

  • Technical cookies: Allow the user to navigate through a web page, platform or application and use the different options or services that exist therein;

  • Personalization cookies: They allow the user to access the service with some predefined characteristics, of a general nature, depending on a series of criteria in the user's terminal, such as, for example, the language, the type of browser used to access the service , regional setting of the location from which you access the service, etc;

  • Analysis cookies: They allow ExpressoNaWeb to monitor and analyze the behavior of users of the websites to which they are linked. The information collected through this type of cookie is used to measure the activity of the websites, application or platform, with the aim of introducing improvements in the function of analyzing data on the use of service users. This website uses third-party cookies, such as, Google Analytics, Facebook, Linkedin with privacy policy on their respective websites.
  • Disabling cookies

    You may, at any time and at no cost, change permissions, block or refuse cookies. However, revoking the consent of certain cookies may prevent the correct functioning of some features of the website or web system. Please read your browser's help section carefully for more information on how to activate "private mode" or block certain cookies. To manage your browser's cookies, simply configure them directly in your browser's options, in the cookie management area.