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Developer Allocation and Management

Outsourcing, or also known as allocation of professionals, is the provision of IT services where our client has exclusively ExpressoNaWeb´s professionals, allocated remotely and exclusively.

We allocate and manage system developers for backend, frontend or full stack, with levels ranging from junior to senior.

We have a range of professionals who cover various expertise, including PHP, .Net, Java, Python, SQL, among others.

We provide one or more qualified professionals according to the needs and objectives of our customers, we set an IT service provision contract, with no minimum stay and no fines.

Advantages in the allocation of professionals

The cost benefit brought to clients in this hiring format is extremely high, since all responsibility for payment, expertise, choice and allocation of professionals is ExpressoNaWeb's responsibility.

Assertive Choice

Allocation made by IT specialists and not by HR, ensuring high assertiveness in the professional desired for the job.

Technical Profile

Technical profile of the developers we supply is always in line with the desired and necessary technical profile of our customers.


Fast allocation of our developers to the project.


Frequently follow-ups from the professional hired and the project.

Fair value

Fair monthly values and below the high costs charged in the current market.

Flexible Agreement

We don't charge up front. No penalties or minimum period.

Full acess

Processes and activities always available to our customers.

Remote Action

The allocation of our professionals is done remotely, allowing us to offer services to any region or country.

The steps in a project


First Step

Get in touch with us using the form below, email or WhatsApp icon. Describe to us what you need for your company.


Second Step

Our team will contact you
to analyze all the
current needs of your


Third Step

We pass on all the information about the most suitable professional profile for your demands and we approve the start.


Fourth step

After that, we send the contract for signature, informing the start of the professional allocated to your team and company!